i’ve got some angels

Since I started my new job in September, I’ve had more people stepping in to offer information, advice and support than I have had in my entire career.

Project managing itself isn’t hard, the difficulty is avoiding the infinite opportunities to screw things up.

Sending the wrong information to the wrong person, misreading expectations, failing to keep clear records, or fumbling dates and figures are just some of the pitfalls.

So, I am extremely grateful for my guardian angels.

The irony is that, at forty, I’ve finally figured out how to take responsibility and cope with my mistakes.

But I’m not foolish enough to insist on making them. Thanks guys for having my back.

2 thoughts on “i’ve got some angels

  1. I’ve been a project manager for the same company for over 5 years now and I still can’t avoid all those pitfalls! I enjoyed how concisely you summed up exactly what it is about my job that I dislike. I’ve never been able to do that myself, so thank you!

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