my brain, iBrain

Squirrel and I made the switch from PC to Mac ten years ago. Around about the time I opened an e-mail promising nude photos of a male colleague.

“Kavis Warlaga – Nude!” was the last thing I read before crashing our computer for, in Squirrel’s words, “the last f-ing time!”

Our marriage survived, but Bill Gates was banished from our home forever.

Or, so I thought.

My new job requires that I logon remotely to the office PC. “No, problem,” I said, then devoted an entire weekend to trying to reconcile that square peg with the round hole of my MacBook Pro.

A job that took the office tech 48 seconds on the following Monday.

“The business world still runs on PC’s,” he said as the blue screen flooded the monitor accompanied by this bone chilling sound:

As much as I wanted to take issue with his comment, he’d confided in me that his girlfriend is a Mac tech, so I knew that battle was being fought hard already.

Besides, I was grateful to be up and running, which, as it turned out, was more like crawling.

I’d so thoroughly trained my brain out of right clicking that I was like an infant discovering the world for the very first time.

One click, two clicks, left click, right click.

One click, two clicks, left click, right click.

Drop down, double click, scroll left, scroll right.

I’ve only just managed to compose a 15 min. e-mail in under two hours.

Needless to say, I’m not quite up to speed yet.

Are you team Steve, or team Bill, or do you like to keep it interesting for yourself and dabble in a bit of both?

16 thoughts on “my brain, iBrain

  1. And I will be the one in the Mac lab cursing at my computer; trying to understand why it’s acting weird and why Firefox never wants to close. I’m tech oriented but sometimes going from PC to Mac is not compatible. I do like how my projects look on the Mac though so it’s growing on me.

  2. Just made the switch from PC to iMac and despite possessing 2 iPhones and an iPad still regularly sit and scratch my head – eventually if I hit enough keys, what I need to happen, happens…or I just have a glass of wine and don’t care so much. I like your writing 😁

    • A glass of wine always helps! You will never go back once you’re used to the iMac. When we switched I would regularly curse and screech for my husband to help me. Now I can’t even use a PC. Good luck. More wine. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  3. Ha! I’m a PC girl through and through… but it may be because CatMan is the ubergeek and some of it has rubbed off on me. The thing is… Macs are great, but you get what you get. With a PC you can customize to your heart’s content – and even write your own software (which both CatMan and I do.)

    My stepmother has a Mac though, and totally loves it. But every time I get on her machine, I can’t escape the feeling that I’m playing with a child’s toy – everything just feels “dumbed down” from a software developer’s perspective!

    Good luck with the PC transition… you’ll get the hang of it!

  4. I have to work with both because that’s what I do for a living, but when it comes to my prefered environment, whether for work or play it’s all about the iStuff. iMac, my iPad or my Mac Air. Windows is good for some stuff still, like keeping me employed… besides that, Mac all the way.

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