would you say this in an email?

photo c/o ucumari on flickr

Here’s one for the who says that? file.

I received an e-mail today that read:

“I suspect you’ll take this email poorly and be upset by it.”

To which I was tempted to reply:

“I suspect you shouldn’t have sent it.”

Honestly. I can’t just unread this stuff. It’s already burnt onto my retinas.

Have you written or read something lately that should have spent more time in the Drafts file?

6 thoughts on “would you say this in an email?

  1. oh yeah.. after i presented 2 months of work that had been summarily approved by VPS etc. the most important one looked at me and said “this is rubbish–fix it.” not having ESP it was a bit tricky to solve–but in the end i did…

  2. Some people feel they simply have to chirp out their thoughts, no matter what the effect, especially when it comes to digital communication. It amazes me how candidly people treat digital communication compared to face to face verbal exchanges, or even hand-written correspondance. Facebook, as an example, is like a “training ground” for such behavious… (and encourages it with it’s comment boxes beneath every single line that is posted). Many people feel compelled to “quip their comments”… without THINKING about consequences, and without understanding the context within which the post was made; and in some cases, not even knowing the person who made the original post! Because so many people engage in this, it has become acceptable practice…. a norm… though not acceptable to everyone, (perhaps in particular those of us who learned to communicate with a degree of common courtesy and manners!) And ethical behaviour is thus disregarded far too many instances. It’s not worth the sweat on your brow Christine. Chalk it up to ignorance at best. 🙂

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